Sometimes it seems I only have one or two images in me. They come from some internal repository. Perhaps these images were formed before I saw them and I am finding them now in the world. I hone in on them. They are augmented by memories of tiny moments that may or may not frame them: a hot wall where spring’s first warming sun has alighted; a fountain or pool with scribbles of light drawn on the surface or shadows outlining the below.

I am interested in looking at painting in relation to other media. My practice involves a dialogue between screen and paint, and paint and print, where recurrent motifs of a single or paired ‘figures’ in architectural space unfold. 
Inspired by the illusionist spaces of theatre where ‘reality’ can be distilled and designed, I attempt to bring theatrical devices into my work, such as playing with lighting and scale. 

Recent works incorporate collage in 3D spaces which I use to break up the illusionist space of the painting comprising real objects from my domestic world. These painting-collages are temporary structures. The objects are not held there permanently. They are protagonists which are sometimes on a flat surface or supsended within the image space. The resultant prints are the record of something that which will eventually disintigrate.

A metaphor for my work would be something akin to looking in a rear view mirror where reality presents itself on two planes — front and back are aligned.


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