Sara Kelly explores drawing and painting in relation to other media. Her practice involves a dialogue between 2D and 3D and between paint, collage and found objects often. The final work is always a print. 

Inspired by the illusionist spaces of theatre where ‘reality’ can be distilled and designed, Kelly brings theatrical devices into her work, such as the play of light and scale. She creates a vessel for a narrative, often suggesting theatrical or architectural spaces where flimsy protagonists rest on a flat surface or are suspended within the image space. 

Kelly’s painting-collages are temporary structures; the resultant prints are the only record of something that will eventually disintegrate. They are part record of a process and part set which awaits a viewer to activate a narrative. 

For the works entitled Pale Ghosts, she experiments with drawing in 3D space and has introduced digital interventions which have become another layer and are barely hidden from the viewer.  

Kelly constantly plays with surface and picture plane. In O Geo, shadows have become a key element.

Kelly holds an MA in Design for Interactive Media and  studied with Turps Banana, UK, on their correspondence course. Kelly has participated in various group shows, including The Feminist Library London, Testbed Gallery, London, Triangle Space, London, and Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London and a solo show at Five Years, London.